You’re on the move all time. Not from the couch to the fridge like too many people these days – no, you’re on the go between seeing actual people, at the gym maybe, or nights spent with friends. 

We know it, and that’s why we’ve spent years coming up with a pretty much perfect way for you to play mobile poker.

The Benefits of Playing Mobile Poker 

Online poker has come a long way since the early days, with better graphics, way faster speeds, and more ways to play, whether it’s a huge range of tournaments, cash games, lightning-fast games, big money action, you name it. 

The same goes for online mobile poker  – whether you play poker for free or for real money, it can now all be done in the palm of your hand (with the help of your thumbs, that is). Plus, Ignition Casino also has multi-table action, where you can play up to four games at the same time.

The main benefit is in the name itself: mobile. You can take your smartphone or tablet anywhere and instantly feel like you’re sitting in a cool poker lounge, even if you’re actually at work or a not-so-cool doctor’s waiting room.

All this means you can experience real freedom when you’re playing mobile poker. 

How to Play Mobile Poker

It’s insanely easy to get started playing mobile poker at Ignition Casino. 

First, you need to have an account with Ignition Casino if you don’t already have one. (Ok, first make sure you have an internet connection). It takes just seconds to create an account, make a deposit and then you’re on your way to hitting the poker tables. Great-looking ones that are full of features – you can choose your own poker card style and table background color.

You’ll get a deposit welcome bonus the first time you make that deposit, so already you’ll have a little extra bankroll to play with.

If you don’t want to dive in right away with real money, you can play poker for free at Ignition Casino too. This is a good way to familiarize yourself with the look and feel of the game on your mobile, and can help you navigate quicker once you’re ready to play poker for real cash. Even if you’re playing for free a while longer, it’s a good way to build poker confidence.

Whether you’re playing for real money or for free, the poker experience is the same – play around with the various items on your screen and you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

How to Deposit and Withdraw with Mobile Poker

You will need to have funds in your account in order to play poker for real money, and you can deposit in a number of ways – using Bitcoin, a credit card, and direct bank transfer to name a few. 

On the homepage, hit the Cashier button and you’ll be taken to your account, where you’ll see a number of options, including withdraw and deposit.

Choose either one and just follow a couple of quick steps. 

For withdrawals, the cash will be added to your account within 24 hours if you’re a Bitcoin player, or a bit longer depending on the withdrawal method you select.

When you make a deposit, it will hit your account in seconds and you’ll be loaded with fuel so you can go ahead and grab a seat at a poker table.

How to Find a Poker Table

Finding an online mobile poker table at Ignition Casino is simple. 

At the top of your screen, once you’re logged in, you’ll see a list of ways you can play poker. Remember, if you want to play poker for free, you can hit the Practice Mode button at the upper right of your screen and play away. Playing poker for free is a great way to get comfortable with the pace of the game and to try out your different strategies. 

Next, just tap the game you want, whether it’s Cash Games or Tournaments. 

On the Cash Games screen, you get to choose your Game Type – take your pick from Texas Hold’em, Omaha, and Omaha Hi/Lo.

Choosing your limit is next, and you can go with either a No Limit, Pot Limit or Fixed Limit option

Then it’s on to choosing the number of seats. Want to go mano-a-mano? Go with a two-player table. Otherwise, you can play a six-seat or nine-seat poker game.

On the next screen, you’ll choose your stakes and your buy-in amount – then hit the “Take my seat button” and you’re in! You’ll kick into higher gear a couple of seconds later.

How to Find a Poker Tournament

When you play mobile poker at Ignition Casino, there’s always some kind of tournament ready to be rocked.

Tournaments can be long events, where it’s to your benefit to stay in longer so you can claim one of the top spots at the end, and walk away with part of the guaranteed prize pool. 

Got the need for speed? We’ve got Mobile Zone Poker and Mobile Jackpot Sit & Go events that’ll have you at the table and gone again so fast that you’ll need to check your local speed limit signs.

Zone Poker gives players 15 seconds to act, which is half the time of a normal poker game. That alone will get you into high gear in a hurry. You can play Zone Poker for free too if you want to test drive it before stepping into the money zone.

Once you’re logged in, choose Tournaments from the menu and the system will walk you through the rest.  

Mobile Poker FAQ

Q: What kind of device do I need to play mobile poker at Ignition Casino?

A: You’ll need an iPhone 4 and up, or an iPad, you’re good to go. Any Android device is also going to get a seat at the table.

Q: Can players use Heads-Up Displays against me?

A: No. Ignition Casino uses anonymous tables, so other players can’t analyze the way you play. Recreational players really dig this feature and it’s a great way to play and have fun – the way poker is meant to be played.

Q: Do I need to pay transaction fees on deposits and withdrawals at Ignition Casino?

A: We don’t charge any fees on your deposit, but you might see some charged by your credit card company. And for withdrawals, you’re free from fees when you use direct bank transfer, Bitcoin, or Bitcoin Cash. If you want a cheque sent out, you’ll only pay a fee if you want more than one cheque sent within a 30-day period.

Q: Can I only play certain poker tournaments on my mobile?

A: Maybe in the olden days (say five years ago) you would have been limited in your poker tournament selection. But now, our mobile poker is so advanced that you can play any kind of tournament, from the big-name multi-million dollar events to the fast-paced jackpot-style tournaments that you can play in minutes.

Q: Is there anything else?

A: Nope, we’re done for today. Just remember to have a great time playing mobile poker at Ignition Casino.