It’s an on-demand world now and we’re here to give our players exactly what they want, when they want it. That’s why Ignition offers the best online poker for real money, 24/7. Whenever you’re interested in a game, whether you want a cash game or an online poker tournament, we’re ready to shuffle up and deal. Play online poker day or night, and with mobile poker, fire up a game no matter where your day takes you.

We’ve also got some of the biggest and best poker jackpots you can find anywhere, with over two million in guaranteed cash prizes each week, plus bonus special events with mega paydays on the line!


When you want to play online poker for real money, the best and fastest way is almost always to sit down at a cash game and get dealt into the next hand. Using our Quick Seat feature, you can get into a game in just a few moments after signing in to the Ignition Casino site. There are just a few things to pick first.

We’re betting that most players will always be interested in playing Texas Hold’em, but we also offer Omaha games as well. And if you want to play fixed-limit poker, that’s fine, but no-limit games are available too. After that, you need to pick your stakes. We generally advise players to join games where they have at least 40 big blinds to play with. This means you need a few times that in your total bankroll if you want to be safe and cope easily with any swings you encounter. The best and biggest poker jackpots could be yours, but sometimes the other players have their lucky day and it’s your turn to take a losing hand in stride.


Unless you’re a mega stacker or high roller, the biggest poker jackpots are in tournaments. Unlike cash games, these tournaments with large bonus money prize pools are generally run on a schedule. At our site, however, this doesn’t apply to all tournaments. In fact, we have many tournaments that start as soon as enough players sign up. These include small format tournaments and Jackpot Sit & Gos, where you can play for up to 1,200 times your buy-in, for a maximum prize of $60,000!

In general, you can play online poker for real money in these tournaments with a few bigger tournaments happening daily. Each week usually leads into some pretty big weekend tournaments as well, like the $150,000 guarantee. We have special events like our Golden Spade Poker Open, which features ten million in guaranteed prizes offered in a number of our best online poker tournaments.

Between the constant flow of tournaments at all stakes, big and small, and the wealth of cash games offered at Ignition, players should be able to play online poker 24/7 without a single hitch.


We offer a huge variety of other betting games at our site. The casino has many slot games, some with progressive payouts into the tens of thousands of dollars and more. There are also a lot of different table games to try out, like roulette, baccarat, craps, pai gow, and many others. You can get in on your choice of blackjack game, or you can simply keep on with poker and play one of our different video poker games.

The point is: when you want a game, you’ve got it at our site. If you’re up for some online poker games, so is Ignition Casino.