Online poker bonuses offer a fantastic way to boost your bankroll in your account and make play even more rewarding. At Ignition Casino, we’ve got a variety of poker bonuses you can get in on. There are welcome bonuses, recurring deposit bonuses, Bitcoin bonuses, and even in-game bonuses you can win at our site. Let’s talk about where to get them.

Where to Find Online Poker Bonuses

We offer amazing bonuses at pretty much all times. The first one that almost everyone encounters at our site is our Welcome Bonus for when a new player makes their first deposit. The ultimate cash payout depends on whether you deposit and play real online poker with Bitcoin or with money from your credit card.

The credit card deposit bonus offers up to $2,000 in your account, split into $1,000 for immediate use in the casino and $1,000 that is earned as you play online poker, including online poker tournaments.

The Bitcoin deposit bonus bumps up the payout to another level, capping out at $3,000 for the biggest and best depositors. That offers a 150% bonus for use in the casino and 150% that you earn as you play online poker. Unfortunately, free online poker doesn’t count towards this earnout.

There are two other in-game poker bonuses you can earn at our site. One is awarded to qualifying players who land a royal flush in real online poker games of Texas Hold’em, but not in online poker tournaments. The payout offers 50x the big blind, up to $200, with no rollover requirements (more on that below).

The other bonus is given to qualifying players who suffer a bad beat. An example would be having a full house in a game and getting to showdown all in only to find that another player truly had the best hand with a four of a kind that they scored on the river. The payout is 100x the big blind into your account and offers up to $1,000 of cash money.

Where You Can Use Online Poker Bonuses

As described above, our most popular online poker bonus is the Welcome Bonus for a first-time deposit, which is paid out in two different ways. Not all players who have Ignition Casino accounts are exclusively poker players. So, we offer the chance to take some free money to the casino part of our site. Thus, half of the Welcome Bonus is available after a deposit in the form of a Casino Bonus. This means slots, table games, blackjack, video poker, and more. All are available. You can bring your Casino Bonus and wager it there freely, but keep in mind that withdrawal is generally subject to certain terms and conditions.

The second portion of the bonus is earned over time as you play real online poker (free online poker doesn’t qualify). Both cash games and online poker tournaments count towards earning this new deposit bonus. The details are linked to a basic mathematical concept known as “rollover” or “playthrough.”

How Rollover Works with Online Poker Bonuses

Your online poker bonus from a new first deposit is earned over time as you play, within 30 days of making your first deposit, as laid out in the Welcome Bonus terms and conditions. We offer $1 of bonus money in your account for every 30 Ignition Miles you earn. The rates for earning Ignition Miles depend on whether you’re playing online poker tournaments or real online poker cash games. In cash games, the Ignition Miles earnout is 15 Miles per $1 of rake. For tournaments, it’s 15 Ignition Miles for every dollar in fees paid.

To show an example, if you enter a new online poker tournament that has a two-dollar fee, you’d get 30 Ignition Miles and one dollar of Welcome Bonus cash. Or, if you sit for a cash game session and $10 of rake is collected, you’ll get 150 Ignition Miles and $5 of Welcome Bonus money.

All clear? At the end of the day, the rules at our site are simple: the more you play real online poker, the more you are eligible to earn bonus money from your first deposit. And since you’re here to play online poker, that shouldn’t be too hard at all. It’s the best method to have a good time and earn money doing it.

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