How to Play Video Poker Guide

Ignition Casino video poker is one of the simplest and yet still most exciting ways to play poker online. Instead of going head to head with other players and battling to victory, video poker makes things straightforward. Players are dealt five cards, choose which ones to keep, and then get a second deal. You then win money according to the game’s payout table.

Easy, right?

Ignition table games, even the simple ones, still require a bit of understanding. In this online video poker guide, we’ll cover how the game works, how to beat it, and how to earn cash. First, let’s start with the basics.

What is Video Poker?

Video poker is based on a poker variation called “five card draw.” To begin, you’re dealt five cards. You then choose which ones to keep and the others are replaced with a fresh deal of cards. The end goal is to make the best five card poker hand you can.

The amount you win is based on a payout chart, which you can see in the screen grab from Jacks or Better above. The biggest possible payout comes from a royal flush (T-J-Q-K-A, all suited).

How to Play

To start a game of video poker, you first pick the amount of “Coins Played” you want. This is the size of your wager. You can select any number from 1 to 5. Just like many other Ignition table games, the bigger your bet, the bigger your payout!

Once you’re ready for cards, press the Deal button. This will give you five cards. Click or tap on the ones you’d like to hold, then press Draw. This will replace the cards you decided to discard with fresh ones. You’ll then have your final hand. Payment happens automatically, and then you’re good to go for the next round.

As any online video poker guide will tell you – this is a pretty simple game!

Video Poker Games Available at Ignition

Bonus Deuces Wild – in Bonus Deuces Wild, twos act as a wild card. Surprising, we know. That name is so mysterious! But whatever hand you’re trying to make, a two can help. So if you see a two in your hand, make sure you don’t discard it at the draw phase! It could be your ticket to a huge payout.

Double Double Bonus – Like to boost your winnings? Double Double Bonus lets you go double or nothing right after a win. If you double up, you can keep going and try for double or nothing again! If you’re brave enough, the bonus game shows a dealer card and then offers you a choice of five different face down cards. If you can pick a card that’s higher than the dealer card, you win!

Jacks or Better (1, 3, or 10 hands) – This is one of those Ignition table games where you need a minimum pair to get paid. In this case, it’s Jacks. Tens won’t cut it, but jacks or better earn you real money. You can play variations of this video poker game that have multiple hands if you’re used to how things work and you want to play more hands at once.

Joker Poker (1, 3, or 10 hands) – Jokers are wild for our final type of video poker. They’ll help you make whatever hand pays the most. Thanks, jokers!

Strategies for Winning

Ignition Casino video poker is winnable a very high percentage of the time. House edge could be as low as 3% in some cases. By playing optimally, you can bring this even lower. Almost all Ignition table games have their way of being kinder to players that use smart strategy. That’s why this online video poker guide includes the following key strategy tips.

Play progressives

Some video poker variations have progressive jackpots. These can pay out tens of thousands of dollars or more for the biggest hands. If you don’t find any in our offerings, know that we’ve put the “jackpot” on the royal flush payout in the sense that the payout is way bigger than any other hand by an order of magnitude. In Jacks or Better, for example, a straight flush pays out 250 if you’re betting five coins, but the royal flush pays out 4,000!

Chase the royal straight flush

Due to the size of the payouts, going for the royal straight flush is generally the way to rack up huge wins. They’re tough to get and the probabilities are slim, but when you land one, it can make up a massive difference in your bankroll.

Manage your bankroll

This goes for all Ignition table games. Only bet within your bankroll. Don’t wager it all on a single hand. And if things aren’t going your way, step away for a break and come back fresh at a better time.

Don’t discard winners

If you have even as much as a pair, hold on to it! You’ve already got a winner. Don’t toss it unless you’re in a very special situation. In fact, hold on to all made hands, unless you can chase a royal straight flush.

Three to a flush or straight isn’t great

You don’t want to go after a flush or straight with only three. But if you have three (or even two) to a royal straight flush, the guideline is different. Generally, the potential payout makes it worth it to try.

Wilds make hands more likely

but decrease payouts. Playing video poker with wilds will give you bigger hands, but keep an eye on the payouts. They may be reduced.

Max bet for max payout

If you want the biggest win possible, you need to be max betting. The royal straight flush payouts are so much bigger for max bettors, that it can make it worth it to go after the top jackpot.

Shuffle Up and Deal!

Your cards are waiting! Give video poker a try today and find a variation that looks like fun! You can also play practice mode for free to learn the game with no risk. When you’re ready, you can go chasing jackpots later on.