Poker’s roots may go back almost 1,000 years, while some believe it’s related to a 16th century Persian card game called As-Nas. Regardless of its history, poker is alive and thriving at Ignition Casino. From quick-load tables and rabbit cam to hand history, instant rematches and multi-table tournaments, we offer some of the best online poker anywhere. Plus, we’re constantly upgrading our software with features that let you focus on your game play and having a great time. Now the only way to get the most out of your Ignition Casino experience is to try it. 

Play poker on the go

Stuck in a waiting room? Bored on your commute? Itching to win some money? With our mobile poker feature, you can play anytime, anywhere. Fire up your smartphone or tablet and visit our free mobile site to get started. It’s the quickest, most user-friendly game with simple betting options. They say time is money, so don’t waste either. Play Ignition Casino Mobile Poker now.

Fast and smooth interface gets you into the game instantly

We get it. You simply want to play poker, have some fun and win some money, perhaps a lot of money. That’s why we never use graphics or screens that take forever to load. At Ignition Casino, we program our tables to load super quick with icons, indicators and buttons that are clearly identified. Put your focus on playing poker… and winning.

Anonymous tables put the game back in your hands

Online poker is filled with predators using heads-up displays to break you down. We’ve eliminated that threat altogether so you can play poker the way it’s intended. Now you can be totally anonymous while playing incognito at Ignition Casino. Your opponents will never know who you are or how you play, just like competing with strangers in a live casino. There’s no play history and no tracking software so you can build your skills to be ready for the big money tournaments. Poker is supposed to be fun and our Anonymous Tables assure that it stays that way.

Quick Seat is fast and furious

Wasted time is lost money, especially when you’re playing cash poker. Waiting for a seat is a missed opportunity. With Quick Seat at Ignition Casino, you’re sitting at a table immediately – from your desktop or your mobile device.

With Ignition Casino poker on your desktop, you can select from three Cash Games: Hold’em, Omaha Hi, and Omaha Hi/Lo. Select the betting limit (No Limit, Pot Limit and Fixed Limit) and table size (two, six or nine), the choose the stakes you want. Hit TAKE MY SEAT and start playing poker. Easy enough?

Prefer playing from your mobile? No sweat: Quick Seat is included. Just log in, select your game, betting limit, number of seats, and your preferred stakes. 

Either way, you’ll be instantly seated at the first available opening. Recreational players can use Quick Seat to play any game without waiting. Pros can play up to four tables at once. Quick Seat cuts all the red tape to allow as much volume as possible. The more hands you play, the quicker you build your bankroll.

Let Ignition show you to your seat.

Try Zone Poker and feel the rush

Whether you play on mobile or desktop, waiting for hands to end and new cards to be dealt can be a drag. Zone Poker is non-stop action. Once you fold, you’ll be redirected to a new table with new players and new cards. You see more cards and play more hands, which will increase your chances of winning. 

Zone Poker is super fast and shows you more hands. You get 15 seconds to act – half the usual time of a common cash game. It’s the same standard poker games you enjoy, except you spend more time playing and less time waiting. Keeping the pace with Zone Poker adds to the excitement. Step into the zone only if you think you can handle the heat.

Poker tournaments 24/7

When you’re ready to step up your game and go big, Ignition Casino is always ready to accommodate. Play one or up to 20 tournaments, whatever and whenever you want. Play up to four Cash or Sit & Go tournament tables at the same time, or multi-table tournaments.

In many Ignition tournaments, eliminated players get the chance to re-enter two, three or an unlimited number of times. Our tournaments often have at least one re-entry available. Plus, Crazy Eights tournaments allow eight re-entries and Lucky Sevens tournaments allow seven. 

Play casino games while you wait!

At Ignition Casino, we assure that the fun never stops, so we put favorite games and mini-games at your fingertips around the clock. We’ve built a world of options directly into our poker software, so you can choose from a ginormous selection of 3D, video and progressive slots. Step away from the poker table and get into some different fun with blackjack, roulette, video poker, specialty games and more. Don’t want to leave the table? Play a huge variety of slots and table minigames between hands directly from the poker table.

Endless bonuses keep the excitement going

Ignition Casino is well-known for raising the stakes, elevating the exhilaration and eliminating boredom. We know our players are looking for the best online casino action, with the biggest selection of online gaming and piles of cash waiting for hungry winners. That’s why everyone loves our endless bonuses.

Start your membership and reap the rewards of our generous promos. From welcome bonuses to weekly match boosts, to Bitcoin and tell-a-friend bonuses, and more, you begin your fun in the black. It’s just a matter of finding your favorite games and you can start winning today. Ignite your online gaming experience with high-octane action at Ignition Casino.