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The best variety of online blackjack games is at Ignition Casino, and each blackjack game variation has slightly different odds that change the house edge. Which one has the lowest? Well, nothing can beat single deck blackjack when it comes to offering players at casinos the most favorable odds, if you play online blackjack games optimally. The key thing to note is which blackjack rule variations you should be on the lookout for at our casino site.

Understanding these rules will ensure that players maximize the profit they get when you play online blackjack games for real money. And stick to optimal strategies when playing free online blackjack.

Blackjack table with cards and chips in play, featuring the 7 of hearts and the queen of clubs

Blackjack Variations with the Best Odds

1. Classic Blackjack

Classic blackjack is the most popular online blackjack game for all players – it’s the version we all know and love. For this type of real money blackjack, we’ve preserved the traditional rules. Blackjacks get a 3 to 2 payout, insurance pays 2 to 1, and the casino dealer hits to get a card on a soft 17. This version is the most straightforward and familiar if you’ve been playing blackjack for a long time and know the best strategies for playing online blackjack games. You can hop right in and play without any learning curve.

2. Pontoon

Pontoon is definitely a kind of online blackjack for real money that shakes things up at casinos. It’s best when you need a bit of novelty. For starters, the casino dealer’s hole cards are kept face down, but player payouts are increased. There are also a few other differences in playing the game. Players must take a hit on 14 or less, but get to double down even after taking a hit.

Also, unlike traditional blackjack, if both the player and dealer hit 21, the casino dealer will get a win. To compensate for this disadvantage in the way these online blackjack games are played, pontoons are attained when a player has an ace and a face card. This often pays 2:1 on your money.

Two playing cards, the King of Clubs and the Ace of Hearts, next to a stack of poker chips on a glowing red casino table.

3. Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs follows the same rules as classic blackjack but adds one extra side bet at the start of each hand. If you like, you can make a bonus wager on whether or not you will be dealt a pair. This payout actually increases the amount you can win from real money blackjack and makes free online blackjack a little more interesting. A mixed suit pair of differing colors, for example, the eight of spades card and the eight of hearts card, pays out a bonus of 6:1. A same-color pair pays a bonus of 12:1. And a perfect pair (same color and suit) has the best bonus payout at 25:1.

Online blackjack for real money gets a lot more fun when you’re adding an exciting twist to the table!

4. Single Deck, Double Deck Blackjack

Unlike six-deck online blackjack, single deck blackjack and double deck blackjack cut down the house edge over players. Using fewer cards makes it easier to calculate and anticipate what cards are left in the deck and which are coming when you’re playing online blackjack games. Many who are experienced in real money blackjack prefer these blackjack variations because optimal play brings the house advantage just about as low as it can go, increasing the odds of a profitable playing session. Read more on blackjack odds.

Players who are focused on mathematically sound profit maximization generally prefer double or single deck blackjack. These are also great game varieties if you want to practice sound strategy by playing free online blackjack.

Because the percentages are so tight in single deck online blackjack, there’s a few rules to keep in mind. First, the casino dealer must hit and get one card on a soft 17. Also, you can split aces once per round, after which you receive one card and then stand. Surrender is not available in single-deck blackjack, but there are no restrictions on doubling. You can double any two cards even after splitting.

So now you know where the best profit potential to win money is at Ignition Casino. The blackjack tables are right this way!