Our members love to play poker at Ignition Casino, and so do we! It’s among the most played games on our site, which is most likely due to the huge variety we offer. Beyond the dozens of games and exciting tournaments that pit player against player, we give you extra chances to play and win against the software. You still need poker skills and a killer instinct, but also, you need to remember that your opponent has no emotions and is not prone to human error.

However, you can win as long as you maintain your wits, stay cool, and play these poker games. They’re a lot of fun and highly lucrative if you play your cards right.


Big hands earn you big bonuses in this high-paying variation of Texas Hold’em. Now it’s just you against the dealer, who must qualify with a pair of 4s or better.
This game shares a progressive jackpot with Caribbean Stud Poker and Caribbean Draw Poker, so the funds in the jackpot are constantly growing to wild proportions. Play the progressive jackpot bet and get paid when you get the perfect hand: land a royal flush and collect the entire jackpot, get a straight flush and pocket 10% of it. A 4-of-a-kind is nothing to scoff at – this hand will pull out $500 from the progressive jackpot and hand it over to you. A full house will get you $100 and a regular flush a cool $75.

The ante is paid on the hand strength and 1:1 on the raise. Keep in mind that the dealer must also qualify by having a pair of fours or better. You’ll win the ante and, if the dealer’s hand does not qualify, the raise amount will be returned as a push.

Play Caribbean Hold’em at home or on the go and hone your poker skills.


After you’ve explored all or most of our slots, head back to the table for this unique version of poker. Caribbean Stud Poker deals fast action with no need to host a tournament. It’s just you head-to-head with the dealer.
This game shares a progressive jackpot with Caribbean Hold’em and Caribbean Draw Poker, so it accumulates fast. Get in on the jackpot bet and pocket either portion of it or the entire thing when you land an incredible hand. The usual rules and strategies still apply here. When you think you have the right cards, double your ante. If you don’t think you can beat the dealer, fold and forfeit your ante. To win, you have to beat the dealer who must qualify with a hand containing an ace and a king or better. When the dealer doesn’t qualify, you’re paid 1 to 1 on your ante and your raise is returned to you as a push. When you beat the dealer who has qualified, you’re paid on the ante and your raise. Deal yourself in and ride this poker game to a profitable finish!


Available on your mobile and desktop, we’ve got a seat here for you at Ignition to play this quick and easy table game version of poker. This one comes with a stacked progressive jackpot that’s available to players who opt in for $1 a round. Your goal is to get a pair of tens or better. There’s no dealer in this one – you’re getting paid based on how good your hand is. Once you received your initial three-card hand, choose to raise or Let ‘Em Ride, and your remaining two cards are revealed one by one.
With no opponents, Let ‘Em Ride lets you control the pace of the game, depending on the strength of your three-card hand and the two community cards, you can choose to raise or check. To win, you need a pair of tens or something higher. Land a top tiered hand and enjoy a bonus payout from the Progressive Jackpot. Just be sure to toss a $1 chip on the side bet at the start of the round to reap the rewards. Fasten your seatbelt and push the pedal to the metal!


We offer two versions of this game to poker-loving casino players. You’re only dealing with three cards. Based on your hand, you can raise if you want to face off with the dealer, or fold if you want a new set of cards. The dealer needs a queen or higher to raise. You can win against the dealer and you can win on how good your cards are. All you have to do is make the best poker hand with three cards.
The odds are more than 95% in your favor. Ante up with $1, $5, $25, $100 or $500 and click deal to start the action. You’ll get three cards face-up, and the dealer gets three cards face-down. If you think you’ve got enough to take down the dealer, raise the stakes with a second bet. If not, fold and start a new round. Discretion is the better part of valor. The dealer needs a queen or higher to qualify, and you need a straight or better to earn an ante bonus. Tri Card Poker can be played quickly like other table games.


Slot machines are the biggest thing at the casino and poker is the most popular card game on the planet. Combining them together means poker players can enjoy the ease and comfort of playing the machines, while slots fans can enjoy the skill element behind video poker.

Just about every single video poker game since the early days has been based on 5-card draw poker. People were playing this game long before Texas Hold’em took over the poker scene. Five-card draw is about as simple as poker gets, and it’s even simpler when you play the video poker version since there’s only one player involved: You.
Every game of video poker starts with a bet. Then you receive five cards from the standard 52-card deck. Which cards do you keep? This single-draw game gives you one opportunity to ditch any or all of your five cards and replace them.

Once you’ve figured out the risk and reward, you can calculate exactly which moves to make. Savvy players use the power of computers to figure out their optimal strategy. Beginners may find it difficult. Just take some time to learn and practice all the steps involved.

Fortunately, video poker can be played near-optimally with a much simpler strategy. Newer players should start simplified strategies and build from there. You can find these strategies all over the internet, but we have some examples for you at Ignition. Check it out before you play. We’ve got 8 different video poker games waiting for you at Ignition.